Maximizing land’s potential: How many trees can you plant on an acre?

Maximizing land’s potential: How many trees can you plant on an acre

Do you have a vast track of land and don’t know what to do with it? 

You can start by cultivating a small plantation as a hobby, or support an environmental cause. You can also turn your land into a business and make it a source of income. 

Whatever your goal is, it is essential to know how many trees can you grow in a specific measurement of land. 

How many trees can you plant per acre?

How many trees can you plant per acre
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You can generally plant 300 to 800 trees on one acre. 

That said, the exact number depends on factors such as irrigation, rainfall, sunlight, nutrients, kind of soil and the species of plant to be grown.

We dive deep into each factor below – read on to learn more!

1. Soil Type

Soil Type
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Having dry soil means there is less nutrient density. As such, there should be relatively more space between trees and rows so they will have more access to nutrients and water. 

You should also take out other vegetation, grass, weeds, and shrubs left in the land to funnel all nutrients to the trees. The same goes if the land is in a dry region. 

2. Plant Growth

Plant Growth
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By now we know that there should be balance in the trees’ access to nutrients. Therefore, fast-growing species should not be mixed with slow-growing ones. 

Should these two be put together in equal spaces, the fast-growing food will most likely get more nutrients than the slow-growing ones. 

3. Land Management

Land Management
Image: Utah Department of Environmental Quality

Land management factors include the time of sowing, use of irrigation systems, frequency of fertilizer application, and the seed rate.

In setting up a management system, these factors will largely help in the maintenance and sustenance of the plantation to be created. 

How to calculate trees per acre?

How to calculate trees per acre
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To calculate trees per acre, multiply the number of acres (A) by 43,560 and divide its product with the product of the space in rows (S1) and space in between trees (S2), as summarized by this formula:

T = A*43,560

      (S1 *S2)

The spacing between trees ranges from 6 feet to 25 feet. 

Nevertheless, you can plan your tree spacing more easily with this Online Tree Spacing Calculator. 

Here is a general guide for a plantation with an equal distance between trees and rows: 

Distance in metersDistance in feetTrees per acre
1.5 52400

Remember that these numbers should only be used as a baseline because they will still vary depending on the type of soil and nutrient availability as discussed above.

Also, note that hardwood trees take twice as much room as softwood trees. 

Once you know how much space is needed in between trees, do not forget to dedicate an extra 10 feet as a passageway for your plantation vehicle.

What is the cost of planting trees per acre?

What is the cost of planting trees per acre
Image: Syed Zakir Hossain on Dhaka Tribune

The average cost of planting trees on an acre ranges from $1,200 to $3,600, exclusive of the labor cost for growing them. 

This estimate assumes that a planter will dedicate $1 to $3 per sapling, and could plant 500 trees in a day. 

Apart from labor, the owner must also take into consideration permits, taxes, water treatment fees, or the cost of fertilizers.

One should also consider the amount of time to plant trees on an acre. If the goal is to plant 500 trees in a day (the recommended number for beginners), then it will take approximately 2 and a half days to plant them 6 feet apart.

How do you arrange trees on an acre?

How do you arrange trees on an acre
Image: Alberta Farmer

Generally, you should arrange trees on an acre in rows. This is pleasing to the eye and is convenient for the planters as they water and prune the trees. 

The distance between rows is generally 8 feet (2.4 meters) apart. But again, this is subject to adjustments based on the species to be planted. 

Here are examples of the suggested distance based on the type of tree:

Type of treeDistance between trees
Balsam Fir6 feet (1.8 meters)
Sugar Maple30 feet (10 meters)
Conifer trees8 feet (2.4 meters)
Hardwood5.5 feet (1.5 meters)
Softwood6 feet (1.8 meters)

Can you grow different trees in an acre?

Can you grow different trees in an acre
Image: Sabino Canyon

You can grow different trees on an acre but it’s generally not advisable, keeping in mind the different needs of each tree. 

For instance, fast-growing trees take all the nutrients from the soil, leaving little for others.

However, if you don’t really have any other option, there is a workaround. Plant each tree in approximate circles or squares of no less than 20 trees.

This ensures that the tree in the center of the cluster will not be deprived of nutrients and water that are sure to be consumed by the fast-growing trees around it. 

How many forest trees can be grown in an acre?

How many forest trees can be grown in an acre
Image: CSERC

You can plant 30 to 50 forest trees per acre in dry forest regions, and 200 to 1,000 trees per acre in tropical rainforests.

If the forest is located in a dry region, there is a need for more space between trees. This serves to prevent competition in the soil nutrients and water that can stunt the growth of the trees.

In contrast, tropical rainforests are dense and usually unarranged. Water is abundant due to regular rainfall, as well as a high capacity to retain nutrients in tropical rainforest soil.

How many fruit trees can you grow per acre?

How many fruit trees can you grow per acre
Image: University of Minnesota Fruit Research

You can plant 36 standard-sized fruit trees, 170 semi-dwarf trees, or 400 dwarf trees on one acre. 

Planting fruit trees is one of the most common and most fruitful (pun intended!) ways to maximize acres of land. 

For instance, since an apple tree can bear fruit for 20 years, with 7 to 8 years before it matures, a planter can harvest 700 to 8,000 apples in a single season. The average yield is pegged at 3,000 apples per acre. 


Image: Sunset

The number of trees that can be planted on an acre can vary quite a bit. It is important to take note of all the relevant factors such as soil or plant type to properly execute the building of your plantation for every acre of your land. 

We hope that the tips and guides above will help you kickstart your planting journey, maximize your output and achieve whatever goal you’ve for your acre(s) of land.

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