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Holiday-Inspired Arrangements Using Flowers and Greens

Holiday Inspired Arrangements Using Flowers and Greens

‘Tis the season to be jolly, and nothing brings more joy than the sight of flowers and greenery arranged artfully with precision or casually placed with happy abandon. We’re sure you’re looking for new and creative ways to celebrate without breaking the bank.

The holiday season brings joy and celebration, so enhance the festive spirit by decorating your home with delightful floral arrangements. Let these holiday-inspired creations add warmth and cheer to your space!

1. Merry and Bright Centerpiece

Merry and Bright Centerpiece
Image by Heaven Scent Flowers and Gifts
Level of ExpertiseBeginner ●○○○○
Suggested Tools or MaterialsRed poinsettias, white lilies, evergreen sprigs, festive vase, floral foam, scissors, ribbon.
Estimated Costs$25 – $40

If you’re into the classic colors of Christmas, then this one is just right up your alley – or chimney if you’re playing Santa this year! Our Merry and Bright Centerpiece is a timeless addition to holiday decor perfect for beginners or those in a rush.

While we have our suggested materials, you can always replace them with items of similar color or characteristic. Try branches or sprigs of bright red holly berries instead of poinsettia, and maybe white roses instead of lilies.

This way, you get to be as creative as you can while staying within the traditional Christmas colors. Just make sure you have fun making it so you can infuse your creations with the love and joy of the season!

2. Global Traditions Bouquet

Global Traditions Bouquet
Image by NDI
Level of ExpertiseBeginner to Advanced ●●●○○
Suggested Tools or MaterialsAmaryllis, orchids, holly, assorted greenery, vase, floral foam, scissors, ribbon.
Estimated Costs$40 – $60

Fancy a tour around the world while staying in the warmth and cozy confines of your home? Take inspiration from different cultures as a way to celebrate the holidays, especially if you have ties to these specific cultures!

South Africa beckoning your soul? Try adding the elegantly vibrant amaryllis!

If you’re looking to add a bit more quiet luxury, add in some orchids from Asia. Take some assorted greenery from your backyard or forests and arrange them with the flowers and decorate with some sprigs of holly, which originally hailed from Europe!

3. Hanukkah Harmony

Hanukkah Harmony
Image by Topiary 219
Level of ExpertiseBeginner to Intermediate ●●○○○
Suggested Tools or MaterialsBlue and white flowers (we suggest hydrangeas and roses), silver and gold accents, vase, floral foam, scissors, ribbon
Estimated Costs$40 – $60

Celebrate the Festival of Lights with some Hanukkah harmony! This beautiful display captures the essence of the holiday with a perfect blend of blue and white hues.

Blue hydrangeas are best, but you can always substitute them with delphiniums, grape hyacinths, or even tulips! Add some silver and gold accents via ribbons and ornaments to bring in the joy and elegance of the festival’s spirit!

You can even incorporate symbolic elements like a small Star of David or add in blue and white candles.

4. Kwanzaa Kinara Display

Kwanzaa Kinara Display
Image by L’amour Designs
Level of ExpertiseBeginner to Advanced ●●●○○
Suggested Tools or MaterialsRed roses, green dahlias, black calla lilies, Kinara with seven candles, floral foam, decorative fabric, wire, scissors
Estimated Costs$40 – $60

This arrangement is inspired by the seven candles of the Kinara, so we’ve got to make it as rich and traditional as possible when celebrating the holidays using floral arrangements!

Take the traditional Kwanzaa color schemes of black, red, and green as a cue for your vase. If you don’t have one in these colors, use paint or paper to bring some hues as your cues!

We love using roses, dahlias, and calla lilies to represent the colors too, but you can always use your favorite flowers that show up in black, red, and green as well! Just make sure the seven candles are well-positioned to avoid fire hazards.

5. Winter Wonderland Terrarium

Winter Wonderland Terrarium
Image by Gardening etc
Level of ExpertiseBeginner ●○○○○
Suggested Tools or MaterialsGlass terrarium, small evergreen plants, white flowers, pinecones, decorative snowflakes, small rocks, gardening gloves.
Estimated Costs$20 – $40

Walk through a winter wonderland – but in miniature! That’s the concept of our Winter Wonderland Terrarium which allows you to decorate your home in charming detail.

Let you, your loved ones, and your guests be taken for an enchanted ride as everyone peers into the glass bottle containing minuscule wonderlands with tiny green gardens. Decorate the small terrain with holiday ornaments, and enjoy the magical journey!

This DIY project is so easy that you just might be tempted to create more than one. In fact, you can craft a container centerpiece if you’re so inclined!

6. Eco-Friendly Christmas

Eco-Friendly Christmas
Image by Forge Recycling
Level of ExpertiseBeginner to Intermediate ●●○○○
Suggested Tools or MaterialsRecycled vases or containers, locally sourced flowers and plants, natural twine, recycled paper for gift tags, scissors.
Estimated Costs$25 – $40

Nothing’s more environmentally friendly than using whatever’s around to recycle and upcycle them into celebratory decor that’s low-impact on waste but high on the wow factor!

We like using mason jars, bottles, and even cups and saucers as recycled receptacles for locally sourced plants and flowers. In fact, we grab some flowers and greenery from our garden!

Finish the charming pieces with some twine, though we tend to use recycled paper for gift tags or even as mini greeting cards. Nothing says low-key cozy yet environmentally resourceful and rewarding as being eco-friendly during the holidays!

7. Rustic Woodland Charm

Rustic Woodland Charm
Image by ShelHealth
Level of ExpertiseBeginner ●○○○○
Suggested Tools or MaterialsPinecones, birch bark, red berries, assorted greenery, wooden box or basket, floral foam, scissors, twine.
Estimated Costs$20 – $35

Bring the warmth of a woodland retreat to your holiday table with our Rustic Woodland Charm Centerpiece! Think log cabins and small cozy fires while you slowly sip on your favorite hot beverage.

But even if you’re in the city, you can bring the rustic woodland charm to your space. Use pinecones, birch bark, and red berries amidst some assorted greenery such as cedar or spruce branches to evoke the charm of a woodland setting.

Light some candles with pine or eucalyptus scents, and you’re transported away to a restful rustic hideaway!

8. Accessible Arrangement

Accessible Arrangement
Image by Indiana Public Media
Level of ExpertiseBeginner ●○○○○
Suggested Tools or MaterialsMild-scented flowers (e.g., daisies, pansies), soft foliage (e.g., lamb’s ear), non-allergenic filler (e.g., baby’s breath), vase, floral foam, scissors, ribbon.
Estimated Costs$20 – $40

Don’t forget that the holidays are about bringing joy and cheer to everyone – including those with limitations. We like using flowers with milder scents such as daisies and pansies, paired with lamb’s ear for a gentler sensorial touch.

Baby’s breath is a great non-allergenic floral filler, but you can always use it as the main material. This way, even those with allergies will still be able to enjoy your floral arrangements without the anxiety of epi-pens, medicines, or a visit to the hospital!

9. Family Tree Floral Display

Family Tree Floral Display
Image by Mimeo Photos
Level of ExpertiseBeginner ●○○○○
Suggested Tools or MaterialsClear vase or container, family photos, seasonal flowers, greenery, floral foam, scissors, ribbon
Estimated Costs$25 – $40

Personalize your holiday decor even more with our Family Tree Floral Display. This customized centerpiece pays homage to cherished memories, making it a perfect addition to your festive celebrations.

We like to arrange family photos in small frames, representing different generations or significant moments.  This way, we get to cherish loved ones who are celebrating with us as well as those who were unable to make the trip. 

Plus, there’s no better way to honor those who’ve passed than regaling each other with stories and anecdotes of their lives!

10. DIY Kids’ Corner

DIY Kids' Corner
Image by The Montessori-Minded Mom
Level of ExpertiseBeginner ●○○○○
Suggested Tools or MaterialsAssorted flowers, foliage, small vases or containers, craft paper, glue, safety scissors, decorative elements (ribbons, stickers), aprons, table cover
Estimated Costs$20 – $30

Kids going a bit hyperactive this season? Let them express their creativity with our DIY Kid’s Corner idea!

We usually have several kids come over and sit on a designated corner craft paper. Then we provide a variety of small vases or containers for each child, ensuring they have a selection of flowers, foliage, and decorative elements like ribbons and stickers.

Just make sure that safety scissors and aprons are there to make the experience safe and enjoyable! After that, you get to have the kids release their energy while using their creations as conversation starters for your holiday dinners!

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