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7 Jolly Good Ways to Decorate for the Holidays with Plants

7 Jolly Good Ways to Decorate for the Holidays with Plants

IMAGE IDEAS: Tablescape with fairy lights, pine cones, lit candles, and poinsettia flowers with some glitter and the Christmas tree in the background

‘Tis the spirit to be jolly! And what better way to get into the Christmas spirit than to decorate your home with plants you already have at home?

Check out these creative ways you can deck the halls with plants of all kinds! 

1. Wreaths

Image: Pinterest
DifficultyEasy to Moderate | ●●●○○
Things You NeedFoam wreath ring or wire wreath frame
Green floral wire
Scissors or pruning shears
Foliage or artificial greenery and dried fruits
Decorations such as pine cones, ornaments, and ribbons
Flowers like poinsettia and holly
Hot glue gun or sturdy glue

The most festive way to welcome the holidays is with a homemade wreath on your door. All you need is Christmas-themed plants like poinsettia, holly, and pine cones.

Here’s a quick and easy DIY guide:

What To Do: 
1. Select a style and theme for your wreath.
2. Secure your foliage onto the foam wreath base, working in a circular motion to cover the entire ring. 
3. Add your flowers and decorations around the wreath.
4. (Optional) Create a bow and attach it to the lower half of your wreath.
5. Using wire, create a loop at the back of your wreath to make it easy to hang.
6. Display your wreath on your front door, above the fireplace, or on a blank wall.
7. To keep your wreath fresh for longer, mist it with water every few days.

2. Centerpieces

Image: HGTV
DifficultyEasy | ●●○○○
Things You Need(Optional) Holiday-themed table runner and/or placemats
(Optional) Decorative plates, silverware, and trays
(Optional) Miniature Christmas figurines and ornaments
(Optional) Candle
Festive decor such as pine cones, greenery, and flowers 

For gardeners who love to host Christmas Eve dinners, incorporating plants in your centerpieces is another festive way to up your tablescape game! 

To boot, you can decorate your centerpieces however simple or extravagant you want. For additional accents, you can also add dried or fresh fruits, ribbons, and even figurines to tie it all together.

What To Do
1. Set your holiday-themed table runner across your table.
2. Lay your foliage and flowers across the table runner.
3. Position your Christmas decor, ornaments, ribbons, and candles.
4. Scatter pinecones, flowers, and festive flowers. 

3. Garlands

Image: Good Housekeeping
DifficultyEasy | ●●○○○
Things You NeedGarland
Evergreen foliage and branches(Optional)
String lights
Christmas ornaments and figurines
Ribbons and bows
Festive flowers
Adhesive hooks, thumbtacks, or nails

A long-standing holiday tradition for many families, putting up garlands helps create a cozy and festive ambiance, especially when adorned with plants and ornaments.

Holiday garlands can be set up in any way you like – hung horizontally, draped vertically, or even half-and-half. For extra Christmas spirit, you can even add some string lights.

Read on for a simple guide on how to create your own Christmas garland:

What To Do
1. Measure the area where you plan to hang or drape your garland. 
2. Attach your adhesive hooks or install your nails where you intend to secure the garland.
3. Fasten your garland securely.
4. Decorate the garland with various Christmas-themed ornaments, ribbons, and festive flowers such as Holly or Amaryllis.
5. Weave lights through the garland and fasten with clips or string.
6. Fluff and shape the garland to ensure that there are no bald spots and that the foliage is evenly distributed.

4. Mistletoe

Image: Best Life
DifficultyVery Easy | ●○○○○
Things You NeedMistletoe
String, twine, or ribbon
Stapler and staple wire or a nail and hammer

What’s a better way to spice up the holidays than with a little smooch, right? As small as it may be, hanging mistletoe by a doorway is an easy traditional way to decorate for the season. 

All you need is mistletoe (real or fake will do!) and some string to hang it on. If you can’t nail your doorway, a renter-friendly option is to use a staple to secure the string.

What To Do
 1. Trim your mistletoe to your desired length and size. Remove any excess leaves or stems, too.
2. Create a loop at the end of your string, twine, or ribbon. 
3. At the other end, tie your mistletoe securely.
4. Hang the loop on your nail or staple it onto the doorframe. Ensure that it’s positioned where it’s easily visible and at a height perfect for a kiss.

5. Advent Calendar

Advent Calendar
Essex Live
DifficultyModerate | ●●●○○
Things You Need24 small potted plants in containers
Wooden box with pockets or shelves and 24 boxes
Number tags or labels
(Optional) Decorative accessories

Creating an advent calendar with a new plant to open each day is a one-of-a-kind way to count down to Christmas. Not only is it eco-friendly, it’s also exciting to get a new plant each day!

Don’t be intimidated by how complicated it may sound to make as we have an easy-to-follow guide below:

What To Do
1. Choose 24 different plants (for some fun, you can mix in flowering, fruit, and vegetable-bearing plants!) that you’ll put in your Advent calendar.
2. Set up your container with high-quality potting mix for each plant.
3. Label each container from 1 to 24 to represent the 24 days leading up to Christmas Day.
4. Set up your Advent container – a wooden box or structure with shelves – and the respective boxes you’ll be putting your plants in. 
5. Arrange your plants in their spaces.
6. Add some holiday decorations to make the box more festive-looking.
7. Water your plants as needed to keep them healthy as you open each. 

6. Christmas Tree Ornaments 

Christmas Tree Ornaments 
Image: She Keeps A Lovely Home
DifficultyModerate | ●●●○○
Things You NeedFoliage, twigs, flowers, acorns, and pine cones
Liquid glue
Ribbon or string
Metallic paint

Another way you can decorate for the holidays using plants is to spruce up your Christmas tree (no pun intended!).

This is by far one of the easiest to do as all you need is to collect foliage, twigs, flowers, acorns, and pine cones from your garden and leave them out to dry for a few weeks. When they’re ready, you can decorate your Christmas tree with them.

What To Do
1. Collect flowers, leaves, and twigs, along with acorns and pine cones from your garden.
2. Leave them to dry in a warm place.
3. Evenly apply liquid glue using a paintbrush.
4. Let the glue completely dry before tying some ribbon or string onto the plants.
5. For a bit more glam, you can use metallic paint to make your new decorations shine.
6. Arrange your new plant decorations onto your Christmas tree according to whatever design you want.

7. Dried Arrangements

Dried Arrangements
Image: Pinterest
DifficultyVery Easy | ●○○○○
Things You NeedChristmas-themed vase or wicker basket
Dried twigs, branches, and flowers
Christmas ornaments
Floral foam

For those who want to join in the holiday festivities but would like to keep their decor low-key, creating dried arrangements is a subtle yet charming way to keep the Christmas spirit alive. 

It’s also just as easy as it sounds! All you need is a Christmas-themed vase that you can get from your grandmother or buy for a reasonable price at your local thrift store along with dried twigs, branches, and flowers. 

For a more creative look, you can also hang Christmas ornaments, ribbon, and lights. Then, you can put it on display on a mantel, console table, or above your fireplace.

What To Do
1. Choose a vase that best suits the holiday theme and size you prefer.
2. Clean the container and ensure that it’s completely dry.
3. Collect different sizes and shapes of dried flowers, twigs, and branches from different plants.
4. Remove any loose particles from your dried plants.
5. Insert floral foam into the container to help keep your dried plants upright.
6. Arrange your plants into the vase starting with the largest dried plants in the center, then gradually layering more dried material around it.
7. Trim and shape all of your dried plants to achieve the most visually appealing balance. 
8. Add Christmas-themed decor such as balls, ribbons, and lights.

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