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Garrik Amirov

Garrik Amirov is a licensed electrician with 14 years of experience, as well as a professional technical support & drilling fluids engineer. He got his Bachelor's in Petroleum Engineering (2005-2009) and Master's (2005-2010) as a Drilling Engineer from the Kuban State University of Technology. He also served as an Offshore Mechanic Engineer for M-I SWACO in 2008. From there, he served as an engineer for Schlumberger for over 5 years, even working as a project engineer for some time. He made the switch to his other interest, consumer product repair, in 2016, acting as a senior technical specialist for Express Appliance Repair before moving on to become the director of Techvill Appliance Repair ltd. This vast experience in the field of engineering and technology and knowledge of home appliances makes Garrik the perfect person to fact-check all our guides here at Appliance Geeked. Through his undoubted expertise, he makes sure that every reader finds the best and most effective solutions to their appliance problems.